Patients & Relative information



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  • ID PROOF- ID proof is required for admission. Documents like Pan Card/ Driving License,/Voters card/ Passport will be helpful.
  • ADMISSION NUMBER-Hospital will generate a reference number on the system on admission. Preserve the number for all future contacts and services.
  • ADMISSION/SECURITY DEPOSIT-Patrons while seeking admission are required to make a security/admission deposit. Receipt issued against the deposit may be preserved and produced for obtaining refund if any on discharge. Refund may be denied in the absence of original receipt. Security/admission deposit will be levied even from Insurance beneficiaries to adjust non admissible charges as determined by the Insurance companies. Current  deposit charges are as follows:

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Deposit Gen. Ward (In Rs) Spl. Room Non. A/C/ Spl. Room A/C (In Rs) ICU (In Rs)
Medical 5000/- 10000/- 15000/-
Surgical 10000/- 15000/- 20000/-
Orthopedic 10000/- 15000/- 20000/-
Obst & Gyneac 10000/- 15000/- 20000/-
Pediatric 5000/- 10000/- 12000/-
Others 5000/- 10000/- 12000/-

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  • COMPANY/GOVERNMENT/SEMI GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT PATIENTS-Obtain proper authorization letter for admission/ registration from your company/department and produce the same at the time of admission. Patrons serving companies/ government/ semi Government departments who have empanelled this hospital can be admitted on the basis of ID proof with deposit and undertaking of clearing the bills if the authorization for cashless service is denied by the respective agency.
  • HOSPITAL UNIFORM- It is compulsory for all patients to wear the   uniform supplied by the hospital during entire stay in the hospital.
  • CHARGES PAYABLE IF ADMISSION IS REFUSED- Please note that when you agree for the admission, the formalities for investigations, procedures etc may begin in the OPD itself. Subsequently, if you change your decision regarding admission, the charges for those investigations, procedures etc. undertaken are chargeable.
  • EMERGENCY CONSULTATION CHARGES-Consultation outside the appointed OPD hours will attract emergency charges which are more than the usual consultation charges.
  • EMERGENCY SURGERY CHARGES-Emergency Surgery charges which include surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist’s fee, theatre charges etc are 50% more than the regular charges. Emergency surgery charges  will be levied if any surgery/ procedure is done within 6 hours of admission or on any public holiday.
  • INTERIM BILL-To apprise you on the up to-date hospital bill, an interim statement is prepared and given at frequency determined by the hospital administration during your stay in the hospital.  This statement will show the charges accrued to your account and you are required to pay up this amount within 24 hours.  The Admission /Security deposit will not be adjusted against this bill.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES- Administrative Charge is levied @ 5% for all admissions unless exempted by the management.
  • TRANSFER FROM LOWER TO HIGHER CLASS-Patrons to note that transfer from lower class to a higher class will attract charges for higher class from the date of admission for surgeries, procedures, investigations etc.  Lower Class bed charges will be levied till the date of transfer to higher class.
  • TRANSFER FROM HIGHER TO LOWER CLASS- Transfer from higher class to lower class will attract higher class bed charges till the transfer to lower class.
  • PATIENT CARE CO ORDINATOR-Hospital has appointed a Patient care  coordinator to look after the non medical needs of the patients which include liaison with hospital administration, helping with draft bills, speedy discharge, interface with consultants, redressing of grievances etc. Always seek the help of coordinator when admitted in the hospital.
  • MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER-Hospital has provided the services of a Medical Social Worker to handle matters related to grant of Charity to the patients belonging to Indigent group, Below Poverty line and Weaker sections of the society. Presently he is available in the afternoon hours and his services can be availed by patients seeking charity and concessions.
  • WORKING HOURS OF BILLING DEPARTMENT- The Billing department is open from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM on week days and 10 to 06 pm on Sundays and public holidays to settle the bills and answer your queries.
  • ADDRESSEE- All bills, receipts, refund vouchers, cheque etc are prepared in the name of the patient only.  If you have any queries in this regard please contact MS/Dy. MS/Administrator.
  • PAYMENTS-Hospital accepts only cash and credit card payments. DD, pay order payments can be accepted in special situations. However cheque payment is not accepted.
  • RECEIPTS-Please insist on a receipt for all the payments made to the hospital. Make payments at payment counter only. Management is not responsible for payment made to any other unauthorized person other than at the registration counter.



Hospital realises that patron is anxious to go home after discharge has been advised by the consultant. However number of actions follows after discharge advise which is time consuming and calls for patience and co operation from the patron. A brief account of activities that follow after the discharge  advise, is given below:[list line=”no” style=”style6″]

  • The Consultant has to complete his rounds and write notes in all the files.
  • The Doctor has to prepare discharge summary and other clinical notes.
  • The Consultant has to check this and countersign.  Thereafter patient is briefed on follow-up treatment.
  • The file is then sent to Lab., X-ray and Pharmacy to verify dues.
  • Then the file is sent to billing section for preparation of bill and checking by the Medical Superintendent

After clearing the hospital dues, the staff has to recover linen and other hospital items from the patient, hand over investigation reports, X-Ray films, discharge summary and unused medicines.


The discharge summary and reports on examinations conducted will be handed over to all private patients.   Please bring it along for follow-up treatment, if advised by the Doctor.


Receipts issued for deposits are provisional and are to be surrendered at the time of discharge. Any refund, if due, is paid by a refund voucher and cheque or cash. Please produce the original deposit receipt for seeking refunds.  Refund voucher and cash can be collected from the Accounts Section between 10.00 am and 5.00 p.m. on any working day. Refund up to Rs 5000/- will be made in cash and refunds of  more than Rs 5000/- shall be made by  cheque. Cheque will be issued in the name of the patient only. The refund amount will be forfeited if it is not collected within one year from the date of discharge.


If you are admitted through a Company / Organization that has an attachment with the Hospital, you are requested to produce an Authority Letter from your respective Company/ Organization for Registration and Admission.

Medicines/ Consumables will not be provided on credit until the Authority letter is submitted to the Admission Counter of the Hospital.

If you have occupied a higher-class accommodation than authorized, you have to make a deposit as per the deposit schedule applicable to the higher category. It may be noted that all charges would be proportionately increased and applicable as per higher category. The same would be settled at the time of discharge/ final settlement of bill.

VISITORS AND VISITING HOURS- Patients and their relatives are requested not to bring children as visitors to the hospital.


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Morning Afternoon Evening
Attendant food pass 8.00am  to 9.00am 12noon-1.00pm 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Visitor pass 10.00am to 11.00am 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

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  • PASSES One pass is issued by the Sister-In-Charge of the ward at the time of admission this pass is valid for 7 days which can be renewed by Sister-In-Charge at the end of that period. Patients need rest. Visitors are requested not to visit the patient except during visiting hours to avoid disturbance to patients and help the patients in early recovery. Hence, the management has decided to restrict the number of visitors during non-visiting hours. In case  patient’s relatives want to visit the patients during other than visiting hour’s, passes will be issued by the Administrator.

Visitors and patients are requested not to give their passes to the visitors of other patients to avoid cancellation of their passes in case misuse is detected by the hospital staff/ security.          


  • HOSPITAL LINEN – Hospital linen is changed once in a day only. Please ensure that the linen supplied to you is freshly washed and ironed. Otherwise please bring it to the notice of the sister-in-charge/Matron/Administrator for necessary action. Please take care of the hospital linen supplied to you.  Sponge bath will be given by hospital personnel to all bed ridden patients, just operated patients once daily.

Considering the safety of patients and to facilitate nursing care, the tower bolts inside the rooms have been removed and it cannot be locked from inside.  Therefore, we request patients not to keep any valuables inside the rooms and wards.

We presume that the attendants stay awake and look after the patients.  Therefore, attendants and visitors are requested not to sit or lie down on the patients’ bed.  However, attendants of room patients may relax on the easy chair cum bed provided.

A call bell to alert Duty Sister/ Ward Staff is provided near the bed of patients for nursing care/ medical emergencies.


A coffee shop is functioning near the front office area and patients can order to deliver coffee/tea in their room or ward.

  • GIFTS & TIPS:-

Please do not give any gift or pay tips to any of the Staff or Doctors for the services rendered by our hospital.  If any employee is demanding tips/ gifts, please bring it to the notice of Medical Superintendent/Administrator/ Matron immediately. Charges for surgeries, procedures, investigations and other services are to be paid at the main reception counter and a receipt is to be obtained. Patrons are requested not to make any payment to our staff or consultant doctors directly.


All TPA /insurance patients will be treated as private patients till authorization letter is not received. Patients seeking treatment under ‘Cashless Admission Schemes’  etc. promoted by ‘Third Party Administrators (TPA)’  are required to produce a pre-authorization letter from their Insurance Company  indicating eligibility  of Medi-claim cover for the  disease being treated, the credit limit available for medical treatment etc.   In the absence of this authorization, patients are required to make the normal deposit as per deposit schedule for admission.  This deposit will be refunded to the patient on production of authorization letter from the TPA. Such patients are required to submit an undertaking regarding clearance of hospital bills before admission. Any hospital documents will be issued only on request in writting to Medical Superintendent. All TPA/insurance patients will have to submit photo identification & address proof before discharge from hospital. All miscellaneous charges (for TPA/insurance company patients) i.e. disallowed charges (service charges if not authorized) and room difference charges have to be paid at time of discharge


Employees of companies that are empanelled with us are requested to submit an authorization letter from their employer indicating their entitlement.  Such patients are requested to give an undertaking regarding clearance of hospital bills


Medical documents will be preserved by the hospital for a period of two years from the date of discharge.  Thereafter relevant documents will be handed over to the patient on a written application from the patient.   Patient files registered under ‘Medico Legal Cases’ will not be handed over to patients. On completion of three years from the date of discharge, the files will be destroyed by the hospital if not collected by the patients.  However, if the patient is moving out of Mumbai and the medical records are required for follow-up treatment, Xerox copies of relevant portion of the file will be handed over on written request, on payment of Xerox charges.


Our Pathology Department functions round the clock.  The Lab Technician will come to your bedside for collection of blood samples, as per Doctors’ requisition, twice in the morning between 6.30AM & 7.30 AM and 11.30AM & 12.30 noon and once in the evening between 6.00 PM & 7.00 PM.  This routine is followed to avoid multiple pricks to the patients.


Our X-Ray department is also functioning round the clock.  The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has granted us regulatory consent on 31st Oct 2003.



An  Ambulance  managed   by  Himachal  Mitra  Mandal (Regd), Nerul is  available  from  9.00am to 9.00pm,  in front  of  our  casualty.  This is an external facility and we have no direct control over them.  Patients may pay directly to the ambulance Driver and obtain a receipt.  If  the charges  are  paid  by  the hospital,( for company patients) it  will be  included  in the patient’s  bill.  We have regular contact with other ambulance services also.

  • FEEDBACK FROM THE PATIENT :-Quality improvement is a continuous process; help the hospital by recording your feed back at the time of discharge from the hospital. Feedback forms are available at Nurse’s desk. You feedback will help the hospital to identify areas for improvement and necessary corrections in the system and processes.[/list]