The Department of Nephrology provides comprehensive care to patients in all areas of kidney disease. Pursuit of excellence , offering compassionate, comprehensive care to our patients, staying updated and implementing latest advanced developments in the treatment and prevention of kidney disease is our goal.

In addition to early diagnosis and management, an important focus is also towards preventive care by way of various patient education and awareness programs held on a periodic basis by our faculty.

The Department of Nephrology treats a wide spectrum of Kidney diseases including: Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic Kidney disease, Hypertension, Proteinuria, Hematuria, Diabetic Kidney disease, Renal Cystic diseases, Glomerular diseases like Glomerulonephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome, Lupus associated kidney disease, Urinary tract infections like Cystitis, Pyelonephritis, Kidney stones, Fluid and Electrolyte abnormalities and Haemodialysis.


OPD and Inpatient Nephrology care:

Outpatient consultation with the Nephrology team of consultants is available on all week days. Exclusive Pediatric Nephrology care for children with Kidney diseases is available with a trained Pediatric Nephrologist on our panel. Our team manages In-patient Nephrology care (including emergencies) round the clock.

Haemodialysis Department:

MGM hospital CBD provides dialysis unit equipped with haemodialysis machines that provide haemodialysis treatments to patients with End stage kidney disease. Utmost care is given to quality with well trained and compassionate staff. Two state of the art water purification plant along with regular tests ensures a continuous supply of ultra-pure water for dialysis.

Renal Biopsy under USG guidance.

Procedures Available in support with ancillary departments including Arteriovenous Fistula placement and care, Vascular catheter (Temporary and Permanent) Dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis catheter placement.:

Awareness programs: Patient and Public educative sessions are conducted regularly by the Nephrology team to increase awareness about kidney disease and preventive care. Special efforts have been taken and are ongoing to promote awareness on organ donation.

Technology & Infrastructure:

03 latest state of Art Hemodialysis machines and two RO Plants are provided to meet dialysis needs of end stage kidey disease patients. Dedicated Dialysis facility is available to Critical Cases as well in ICU with dedicated RO Plant to meet need of ultra pure water for dialysis.