A view from Pathology

Technicians at work
Technician at Work


Laboratory Investigations are essential for almost every patient who comes into contact with the Hospitals and an increasing number of patients receiving treatment in the community. More than three quarters of all medical diagnosis rely on laboratory investigations. MGM HOSPITAL’s Pathology Department carries out over 2.4 Lakhs tests each year. Most tests carried out by laboratory Medical Technologists are done on blood, urine or other fluid or tissue samples. Within these are some routine tests that are performed in very large numbers and others which are rare and complex.

The Pathology Laboratory at MGM CBD Belapur is a fine, well-equipped diagnostic centre known to offer a quick, excellent and efficient 24 hours service to the patients. Our prices are extremely reasonable with easy paperwork needed for sample collection and processing.

The staff of MGM CBD Belapur laboratory is well-qualified and competent from recognized professional bodies and institutes. The hired hands have been given both in-house and external training to maintain high levels of expertise and information in all our testing fields, management and administration. The lab works on a hospital-wide information system for ordering and reporting an extensive range of facilities with modern diagnostic infrastructure and new technologies to conduct clinical tests. It is supported by expert doctors and technicians and provides routine and highly advanced diagnostic tests for all the inpatients and outpatients. We cater to the patients of all age groups, from young children to the elderly. Identifying any health issue in the initial phase is essential.

We at MGM CBD Belapur, understand that precise and timely diagnosis and analysis of a disease is critical in patient care and the results of diagnostic tests are the foundation for an effective treatment plan in the modern era.


Our laboratory services include: