Infectious Disease


Infections are a major cause of disability and death globally. These infections can range in severity from an ordinary common cold at one end of the spectrum to serious infections leading to death at the other end of the spectrum. Infections can be caused by several agents like viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. With increasing antibiotic resistance, globally as well as in India, infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat and often result in death. Such difficult cases warrant treatment by specialists trained in this field in order to result in better outcomes. MGM is one of the very few hospitals to be offering patients this unique need of the hour care.


Outpatient services:

Physicians in their OPDs focus on Infectious Diseases and such OPDs are held every day. OPDs serve to provide consultation about the diagnosis, evaluation, management and prevention of infectious diseases. After initial evaluation, we would request further tests as may be necessary and then prepare a plan of treatment. Our specialists also provide guidance and management for patients with HIV, adults needing immunization advice etc.

Inpatient and inter - departmental consultation services:

Patients who require admission for evaluation and management can be admitted under care of the department of infectious diseases. Management of patients admitted under other departments requiring opinion with regard to infection. For example, if a patient develops post surgery infection which is possible in diabetic patients, we provide advice on treatment of such infections. We have fully functional and equipped microbiology and pathology laboratories which are extremely important for establishing a diagnosis and monitoring these patients.

Technology & Infrastructure:

At MGM CBD Hospital the infectious disease department is supported by Computerized well-equipped Pathology Laboratory for reliability and high level of accuracy in medical investigations. We also have best in Class Radiology department including 1.5 MRI Tesla Ma-chine and 16 Slice CT Machine which give clarity in images and helps in better clinical correlation.

Also there is multimodality of treatments available as we are multispecialty hospital and Infectious disease department can work in conjunction with other department to bring out better results.