Refund of Deposits

Paying Patients :
Excess amount of any, will be refunded at the time of discharge as per policy, (Refund less than Rs. 5000/- will be given in cash and more than Rs. 5000/- will be by cheque) in the name of the patient after 7 working days of discharge. It is mandatory to bring deposit receipts to get the refund & contact the billing dept. from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. No refund on Sunday & public Holidays. Refund will be given to authorized person only and refund receipt has to be signed and obtained from billing department from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

TPA patients :
The security deposit will be refunded by cheque after Hospital receives Payment from the concerned Insurance firm. Payments by Insurance Companies/ TPAs generally take 60 days; patient will be duly informed to complete the formalities for refund, if any, once payment is received from the company. Kindly carry the original deposit receipt & ID proof of the respective person while visiting hospital for refunds if any.
In case of deductions in payments from TPA, the deducted amount will be adjusted and the refund will be made accordingly. In case of deductions of payment more than deposit amount, the excess amount will be informed and hence recovered from patient

Pharmacy Refunds :
In case of any refund, for TPA patients, refund amount of less than Rs. 3,000/- will be paid in cash. Refund of more than Rs. 3,000/- will be paid by cheque. Please retain all the bills, in case of any purchase prior to insurance approval and produce them at pharmacy for refund once TPA approval is received.

Refund of Deposite in MGM Hospital