Dermatological conditions may vary in their spectrum from symptomatic medical issues like psoriasis, urticaria, infections etc. to aesthetic concerns like acne, pigmentation, hair fall, aging spots etc.

We at Dermatology department take care of all your concerns related to skin, hair, and nails by providing you correct assessment and diagnosis with appropriate investigations including skin biopsies; detailed counselling; and personalized treatment session plan. These would include sessions, which are to done on OPD basis and medicines/care to be taken by you at home.

Dermatologist at the hospital provides aesthetic treatments for all your cosmetic concerns like unwanted body hair, pigmentation spots, scars, ageing related skin problems etc. which would be done by our doctors specialised in them. These would involve varied OPD procedures/lunch hour procedures to take care of all your concerns related to hair and skin. We would like to help you provide a flawless skin to give you a good feel about the skin you are in.


Technology & Infrastructure:

Hospital is to soon provide following services as well to improve your experience

US FDA Approved Lasers and Treatments.
Microneedling RF with CO2 laser(For acne scars, open pores, skin tightening & lift, and rejuvenation).
Laser for Permanent Hair Reduction (face and body).
Laser for Pigmentation, tattoo removal and active acne.