Emergency Medicine



AT MGM Hospital CBD Belapur, Emergency Medical services Department provides quality emergency care, with optimal outcomes. Emergency Medical Services Unit is all inclusive and equipped with infrastructure, equipments, Technology and Staff like Emergency Beds, Day Care Beds, Procedure room, Minor OT, Piped gas and suction unit to meet all emergency care requirements of the patient. Department is conveniently located in close proximity of Imaging department to ensure that imaging services like X Ray, CT Scan, Sonography and MRI services are available to patient without loss of time. Hospital also proposes to soon install Pneumatic Tube Services for instant transfer of samples to Pathology Unit.

The Emergency medical service is reputed to respond the fastest in times of accidents, heart attacks, paralytic strokes and such other life-threatening circumstances, thus proffering optimum chances of survival and recovery to the affected.

We are equipped with all necessities, including materials and personnel trained to deal with disasters. Our team of highly experienced doctors, nurses and paramedics collaborate to provide urgent and high quality medical care to patients, 24*7.


Trained and highly experienced clinical and paramedical staff is available 24*7 for providing the best quality services to all emergency patients:

Technology & Infrastructure:

The centre has an ambulance equipped with Basic Life Support equipments like monitors, ambu bag, IV medication facility, emergency drugs, O2 cylinder, Suction Pump. The department is located on the ground floor for easy and uninterrupted access, with a dedicated pathway for ambulances.

Department is conveniently located on the ground floor with dedicated entry. Department is well connected with the IPD department for quick transportation of patient when required.