The department of Orthopaedics at M.G.M Hospital CBD Belapur, has been consistently recognized as one of the finest orthopaedic programs. It combines first-rate medical care, personalized attention and innovative scientific research to provide the best possible treatment for patients. Our physicians and surgeons care for the full spectrum of adult and children’s orthopaedic conditions. With an efficient line-up of leading orthopaedic doctors from around the country, we offer dedicated treatments in all minor and major orthopaedic issues.

Hospital has the facilities the for joint replacements and correction of deformities. Spinal surgery as well as management of all types of fractures is routinely done. It is an additional advantage that the department is supported with an intensive care unit and well equipped operation theatres for the management of all types of complex and referred trauma.


Hospital offers extensive expertise in:

Technology & Infrastructure:

Hospital offers highly skilled, qualified and experienced orthopaedic surgeons with excellent clinical outcomes of high tech orthopaedic procedures. Operation theatres are well equipped with laminar air flow and superior quality of instruments. Our centre also provides image intensifiers, digital x-ray, CT, MRI scans with comprehensive ICUs for postoperative care. The physiotherapy department consists of excellent back up of Physiotherapy Services for the patient’s faster healing and quick recovery. The extensive measures taken to provide a sterile environment have resulted in a minimal infection rate comparable with the very best in the world.