General Surgery


Modular General OT
Modular General OT

Dedicated Modular OT for laparoscopic Surgeries
Dedicated Modular OT for laparoscopic Surgeries

Post Operative Room
Post Operative Room


The Department of Surgery at MGM Hospital, CBD Belapur offers comprehensive surgical care for you under one roof. It is manned by a cohesive team of committed surgeons with substantial years of cumulative experience under their belt, and ably assisted by MGM Hospital’s of state-of-the-art equipment, multiple modern operating theatres; latest and complete apparatus, laparoscopic instruments; a well equipped intensive care unit of international standards; and a dedicated team comprising experienced Anaesthesiologists, intensivists, allied medical personnel and staff for your care. We offer you total surgical solutions, 24/7; and we have been doing it for decades.

Through expert consultations and health packages, Hospital offer the entire spectrum of surgical care from diagnosis, pre-operative work-up, peri-operative care, operative and conservative care, postoperative advice and more.

Hospital has the necessary facilities to diagnose and treat various surgical problems which include minor to supra-major, elective to emergency, clinical to trauma cases adhering to internationally accepted protocols.

Those involved in the management of cases understand the concerns of a patient undergoing any surgery and work to address financial concerns by offering insurance assistance, health and surgical packages, a variety of options for surgery viz day care, in-patient, intensive care along with options for different types of rooms and wards – all of which afford the highest calibre of health care delivery systems to patients.

Surgery is an ever-evolving science and MGM’s Department of Surgery is a progressive and up-to-date centre, bringing you the best and the latest in surgical care.


Surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures and operations. They are classified as elective or emergency based on the urgency of treatment required, minor to supra-major ( seven levels) , based on the complexity of the surgery, clinical and trauma based on the cause of the condition. MGM CBD Belapur, Department of Surgery is well-equipped to cater to all kinds of surgeries.

Common Surgical Problems:
1. Clinical Cases.
2. Minimally Invasive( Robotic and Laparoscopic).
Trauma Care
Surgical Intensive Care

Inter-disciplinary approach to total surgical care: Whenever a multi-modal approach is required, MGM Vashi is equipped with all necessary facilities and specialties to offer you seamless surgical care. This often entails cohesive work from physicians, surgeons and various other departments like:

Technology & Infrastructure:

Briefly, MGM Surgery department has state-of-an-art infrastructure and latest advanced equipment in surgical and laparoscopy procedures with the best in class operation theatres