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  1. Dear Sir / Madam

    Recently my father underwent a surgery in MGM hospital, CBD Belapur. In the course of surgery and in-hospital treatment he spent four days in the in-patient ward. I accompanied him throughout the duration of his treatment inside hospital.
    Being not an exception of common people, we are also not very willing to have requirement to visit hospitals, however, no one has a hold over what comes next. We entered into the hospital with that perpetual unwillingness but came out with some pleasing unforgettable impressions, some of which, I want to share. Instead of decorating this letter with my feelings, I want to put some noteworthy instances.
    Right from the person who greeted me first while stepping into the hospital to the person who bid me good bye while leaving the premises, I found some truly devoted and conscientious souls.
    In the wards I observed some patients causing irritating misbehaviour to the staff, but witnessed the loving, caring, compassionate and scrupulous “Sisters” (nursing staff) meticulously treating them as own family irrespective of their conduct.
    I saw tireless “Mamas” wiping the floor and cleaning the toilets for three continuous shifts and noticed painstaking “Mausis” delivering files and water to every table before its need was sensed. I came across vigilant and polite guards helping wholeheartedly the comers on many issues. I also witnessed an incidence when a patient was unnecessarily misbehaving and shouting at the receptionist. He threw the case papers and money on him but that man on duty did not retaliate. Instead he kept on helping him and sent the patient’s case paper to the proper place through a guard.
    All these brought a realization that humanity, philanthropy and conscientiousness exist and are so beautiful. Really the job of these punctilious staff is extremely laudable.
    These are the persons who are not visible in the bigger image of hospital to the outside world but it is these faceless people who really contribute in the successful running of this big enterprise and developing its exalted place in the society. Therefore it is vital and should be our first priority to take the utmost care of this class of employees and keep them in total stress-free condition to run our system smoothly and comfortably. The yield and efficiency of a system are at their maximum only when its working class is happy.

    Yours sincerely-
    Abhishek Mishra Date: June 28, 2014
    (Patient no. 14006390)

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