Hospital is headed by the Medical Director who is assisted by Medical superintendent,Deputy Medical superintendent, Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Pharmacy Manager, TPA Coordinator, Patient Care Coordinator, Medical Social Worker, Matron and Nursing Supervisors for management of patient care services.Medical Superintendent, Hospital Administrator, Assistant Hospital Administrator, Patient Care Coordinator and TPA Coordinator are available during day shifts to supervise and monitor the hospital services.During evening and night shifts Deputy Medical superintendent and Nursing Supervisors are deputed to perform the above duties. Briefly managerial supervision is available all 24×365 days.

Functions of the above functionaries are briefly outlined below for the guidance of the patients and their relatives;

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  • Medical Superintendent:-He is responsible for overall planning, organization, monitoring and evaluation of hospital services. Patients and relatives can approach him for help, suggestions and redressing of grievances if not resolved by concerned functionaries.
  • Deputy Medical Superintendent:-He is available between 19 to 22 hours in the evening to deal with issues pertaining to patient Care and hospital services.
  • Hospital Administrator:-He is available between 09 to 17 hours in the evening to deal with general administrative issues, staff matters, payment disputes, complaints and grievances.
  • Assistant Administrator/I/C Billing Section:-She is responsible for supervision of billing section and deal with issues relating to hospital bills for patient care. She also assists the hospital Administrator in dealing with administrative issues.
  • Pharmacy Manager:-She is head of the hospital pharmacy. As head, she is responsible for procurement of drugs, supervision of pharmacy staff, payment of bills, and administration of Pharmacy section. She is available between 10 to 18 hours in the evening.
  • TPA Coordinator:-He is responsible for coordination with Insurance TPAs and Insurance firms. Patients can approach him with regards to their insurance queries and issues. He is available between 09 to 17 hours from Monday to Saturday.
  • Patient Care Coordinator:-Patient Care Coordinator works with patients admitted in the hospital. She is responsible to help the patients admitted in hospital relating to resolve hospital care issues , supply of estimates,  supply of draft bills, redressing of grievances, liaison between patient and  concerned Consultant and other matters pertaining to hospital services.
  • Medical Social Worker:-He is responsible   to assist the patrons from Below Poverty line and poor Socio Economic sections of the society with hospital charity. All patrons seeking charity should approach Medical Social Worker for assistance.
  • Matron:-Matron is responsible for planning and organization of nursing care. Patrons may like to approach Matron for matters related to nursing care during their hospital stay.
  • Nursing Supervisors:-Nursing Supervisors are deployed during evening and night shifts to deal with all patient care issues during evening and night shifts and they may be approached to resolve various patient care issues.[/list]